Photos of Franco Fazoli - JAZ for French magazine, Graffiti Art.

Graffiti Art, Jason Travis, and the coolest of the cool, Franco Fasoli JAZ.


Johnny & Zelda Bling Necklace

Sometime in March 2013 I photographed all of my NES games for an art show about nostalgia. At the opening I talked to my friend Brooke Hatfield about creating a bling necklace out of the gold Zelda cartridge and staging a photo shoot. After a year’s time we finally arranged to make the necklace. For the shoot I called up my friend Johnny Apollo and he was game. Literally. Johnny also brought his girl Shareese with him. 

We shot in Old 4th Ward using a few Living Walls as backdrops. We also made a stop into Joystick Gamebar

It was blazing hot that day but we had a lot of fun. We didn’t even bother to look up any references and it seems as though Zelda Bling has already existed for awhile. C’est la vie.

Atlantan Jason Travis took some awesome photos with LW as the backdrops. Awesome shots! 

Our fabulous Production team - Emily, Ed, and Adesuwa -  are busy putting together piles of Montana Cans and paintbrushes together for our LW2014 artists! HENSE has got a great pile going.


Alexandra, 23
Atlanta, GA

Wearing all Zara

IG: @darlinginthecity

Photo by Davion Alston

Great photo in front of Sam Parker’s #lw2013 wall!

Our next #LW2014 artist is stalwart of the Atlanta scene HENSE. HENSE has been creating bright, colorful works of art in Atlanta for nearly two decades. We are excited to bring him into the LW family!

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Next up for #LW2014 is Spanish artist SAN. He uses naturally occurring elements in the public space - a tear in the wall, a pool of water - to ground his portraits in the space they are in. We cannot wait to have him join the Living Walls family!

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Photo by: Robert Winter

The next #LW2014 artist is Low Bros, two brothers from Berlin. Their work features stylized animals and an element of physical activity that crosses over into their mammoth installations. We are excited to have them! 

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Next up is Atlantan Faith McClure! Faith’s haunting landscapes and soft figures creates a world like ours, but found on a plane far from us. We are excited to have her for #LW2014!

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Next up is Spanish artist Borondo. His striking portraits have appeared across Europe. Along with murals, he also creates image based installations using wheat and paint. 

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photo by Martha Cooper.

Dear Living Walls’ Supporters,


I can’t believe it has been five years! Everyday Living Walls proves to be a wild, amazing, humbling and life changing experience for me.  This, of course, could never be what it is if it wasn’t because of the amount love we receive from all of you, Living Walls is - and will always be - for all of you.
We are only 3 weeks to conference, and there is still much to do. This year we are planning 17 new large-scale murals, as well as bringing some of our art off the walls as we attempt to take on several installations. We will again bring artists from across the globe, as well as work with some amazingly talented local artists, and hold a series of events from August 13-17th. We are very excited to embark on this adventure again with our city. 
With large murals and the potential for three dimensional works come large costs. We still need your support to make this happen.  We hope that you are as excited about Living Walls’ five year anniversary as we are!

To make a donation please go here. You can also spread the excitement by sharing the donation link, leaving us a comment on our facebook event page, and attending our next volunteer orientation.

Again, thank you for supporting our mission and helping us put more art in our streets. Your love is what keeps me and the rest of the Living Walls’ team going every day,
Monica Campana
Co-founder & Executive Director